Significance Self-Assessment


There are five primary motivations of human behavior money cannot buy.

  1. Autonomy
  2. Mastery
  3. Purpose
  4. Competence
  5. Love

In the marketplace, the matter only becomes more complex with up to eight primary motivational factors to consider. Unfortunately for most of us, we have been seduced by the lie that money is valuable in the pursuit of those things... perhaps valuable in the sense for what money buys, or for giving with passion to our favorite causes.

Our Top 10 Goals: 

  1. Engage the Culture Through Active Participation and Dialogue: Koinonia and Oikonomia
  2. Participate with one or more Nets that Work: A collective voice and influence
  3. Integrated and Comprehensive Theology of Vocation and Calling: For the individual and the organization
  4. Develop Relationships: Quality, not Quantity
  5. Personal Transformation: Repent & Remission of sin (address disobedience)
  6. Educate the next Generation: Succession + Apprenticeship (transfer values)
  7. Serve the Community (impact): Intercede, Feed & Lead
  8. Support Worthy Organizations and Initiatives: Stewardship of T5 (Time, Talent, Treasure, Temple, & Touch)
  9. Conference: Cast the vision to and interact with other leaders
  10. Move into new dimensions with God: Manifest His glory; make Him famous … on earth as it is in Heaven





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