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Meet Our Leadership Team

 Dale Hewett Collier

Stewardship and Compliance

Principal-in-Charge of a Family Office (private wealth management) serving highly discerning, Spirit-filled Individuals, and UHNW principals leading Christ-centered organizations. KCT, formerly an Investment Advisor registered in the State of Florida, donates certain intellectual property pertaining to the sponsorship and syndication of various socially-conscious hybrid business models, investment vehicles, and alternative financial engineering programs to foster Kingdom economic development initiatives on an international scale utilizing alternative assets not defined as a “security” or otherwise exempt under the definition.

 James J. Dygert

Global Member Development

Successfully grew existing publication to be largest and most well known weekly publication of its type in SW Florida. Purchased similar publication and integrated it with existing magazine providing second revenue sourcing. Took over fledgling RE magazine and grew it into the largest most respected publication serving area of over 8 publications. Created an annual directory that serves local governments, as a NGO offering to the pubic. 24 years of ownership and managing. Specialties:Corporate Engineering, Organizational Behavior Dynamics, Internal Value Chain Diagnosis, KPIs, Cash Flow Management, Visioneering, Crisis Resolution, Operational Finance, Cost Accounting. 

 Larry Tyler

Trust Administration

Serve business owners to enable increased prosperity and fulfillment in their businesses by building a bridge to better relationships in the business and increasing their cash flow and risk intelligence. Author of "Romancing the Loan - 14 Principles For Opening Your Lender's Vault" and "Cash Flow Basics for Business Owners - Strengthening the Foundation of Your Business" Specialties:• Help business owners “Cash In” on their relationships with lenders. • Advise business owners how to “Romance” their lenders to improve their chances of getting the loan they want. • Improve business owner's cash flow and risk intelligence. • Prepare loan packages for businesses. 

Gunther Hess

Guenther Hess

Managing European Coordinator

Serve and train people in full-time ministry to start churches. Guenther feels strongly about supporting and helping causes that enable men with economic developement that and/or people of other countries who need help with financial literacy and educate people on the economic opportunities. Guenther feels very strongly about educating, serving and empowering organizations and church to focus on the following areas: 1. Multiply strategic impact and productivity through training. 2. Discover leader's purposes and personal multiplicative potential. 3. Transform ideas into reality with products and services to positively affect ministries. 4. Strategic planning to create successful implementation from idea to fully executed process. 


Important Notice: Management has completely dissolved its regulatory affiliations. More regulation is not what is needed now. Leadership and prosecution for violation is. Clients will ultimately pay the price. Supporting more regulation is not socially responsible, nor is voting to perpetuate a divided house that cannot stand. Among other exemptions afforded by the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 as amended, the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, and the more recent Dodd-Frank Act of 2011, management is solely organized as a private family office to serve the single “family of faith”. As such, we do not hold ourselves out for commerce, provide securities advice, or receive compensation which would otherwise require registration in one or more jurisdictions. We primarily work with exempt transactions, private contracts, charitable social enterprise initiatives and other global stakeholders of the Kingdom of God (the Family of YHWH).
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