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The basis for the iMap alignment model of sustainability is that certain personal values and individual characteristics of compatibility can lead to more fulfilling relationships … the difference between success and significance.  Unlike the personal matching model of the well-known personal relationship site of eHarmony, the iMap matching solution is a broad matchmaking platform that includes various interpersonal dimensions that transcend religion, country and culture, that gets to the core of human existence, helping users be better people … making new friends, becoming a better spouse or parent; finding the right job or volunteer opportunity; become better investors, philanthropists, business owners, or partners, address aging, education, creative media, or solve interpersonal problems, and/or improve upon the foundational infrastructure of what every economy needs to thrive.


It's not about matching people who like certain hobbies, or investors with business plans … it's about compatibility.  Regardless of whether you find yourself giving or receiving, YOU get involved and tell us about YOU, rather than about what you do, or don’t want.  KCTFO differentiates its alignment model by what it calls a divine approach to a deeply spiritual, emotional and personal process.  No independent studies of KCTFO methods or success rates have been published … any attempt to do so would only fall short of the fullness and glory of God.

Reception and Analysis

After answering 13 Dimensions of Compatibility [a personal profile that requires a serious investment of approximately one week (+/-40 hours) of quiet and prayerful time] some would-be prospects are frustrated when they are not accepted for the alignment match-making process. So while it is possible some results can be immediately manifested, more often than not, a wonderful life transformation simply does not happen in a week. In fact, organizational profiles require further analysis of another +/- 1,000 questions if the Principal happens to have a “Beneficial Opportunity” of their own calling for consideration, as if taking one’s company to a public exchange. Our success is not measured by the quantity of those that graduate per se, but rather by their quality of the people that actively participate with one another on a regular basis. Much like life itself, it changes daily, and we’re OK with that. In many cases such seeds we have planted will not come to bear fruit for many years, much like raising children to the point of getting them out of the nest and sufficiently off with their own new families. Needless to say, we do not manage such an organization as a family of faith with quarterly metrics or offer guidance to would-be financiers looking for a one-night stand.

Running statistics indicate more than nine in ten people are not suitable for the KCT Family Office reasons including that the prospect is currently under water (less income than debt); is a licensed professional of some form (attorney, accountant, financial advisor, etc.); is a government representative or some other form of representation by proxy; provides inconsistent answers in their profile vs. background checks and personal cross reference checks; is intellectually, emotionally, or spiritually unstable, prefers the intimacy of same-sex relationships; or is identified as possibly severely depressed or desperate. These are but just a few examples incongruent with the maturity and fullness of the seven spirits of God, and the characteristics of its fruit. It’s not that we cannot interact together with a given opportunity, but rather how we participate together, that is a dynamic reflection of the relationships therein.

This we know to be true: 100% of those that do the work to follow God’s divine plan, get out of debt … and stay out of debt. Understanding and comprehension are NOT required as a prerequisite for life to change, but rather, are always lagging indicators to an experience that has changed your life. The most basic opportunity of being “free in three” is yours to refuse.

Matching "Family Members" with "Friends of Family" and "Neighbors"

After completing various assessments, questionnaires, and supplements, KCTFO volunteers begin the match-making process with other “Friends of the Family” and “Neighbors” regardless of their affiliation status.  Approved matches do not indicate which parties are sharing or non-sharing but KCTFO can provide sophisticated user profile information as to the last time a user logged on to the KCTFO cloud, which items where viewed, downloaded, and other activity reports on demand.  Shared expense/reward members with established family sub-trust accounts (subscribers) have complete community access and transparency whereas non-subscribers do not.  Membership in this regard, really does have its privileges.

Explaining Success

A large part of a user’s success can be explained by the high cost of entry in terms of one’s personal investment of time required to complete the initial benchmarking questionnaires and assessments necessary to develop a comprehensive personal profile … about 40 hours for each prospect. Comparatively, the success of fundamentalist churches is explained by the high demands imposed on their members whereby a clear and present self-selection mechanism is at work. Unlike a general university admissions and selection process, prospective family members self-select whether or not they want to be a part of KCTFO. Such a process is more like adopting a child whereby, acceptance is a very thoughtful analysis of individual and organizational compatibility to demonstrate the iMap alignment solution through a personal experience. Those admitted are committed (not curious, or those out of convenience, or seeking a quick fix, comfort, or a handout). Another factor offered is the limited choice of KCTFO approved opportunities offered, which may make the decision easier for some vs. more than 75,000 daily listed debt/equity/option opportunities on Wall Street stock exchanges or trying to donate to a workable list of more than 1.5 million charities to choose from in the U.S alone. 

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