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One of the greatest benefits of using the KCT Family Office is the expert guidance that underlies everything we do.  KCTFO is intentionally designed to the rally around “one thing” of language and behavior that makes everything work in every turn of the relationship building process.  We attract with “it”.  We also repel with “it”, or rather lack of “it”.  We give life with “it”.  But sadly, most us only know how to kill with “it”, or more appropriately die without “it”.  Suffice it to say, nothing happens without “it”.  With “it” … all things are possible.  What is this one thing?  It’s “Trust” where we find divine unity … the one value that is both a verb and a noun, that in love, becomes the cornerstone of the family of faith and the entire Kingdom of God are built upon.

Guided Communication

As an option, you can follow our guided communication process that will:

Help You Break the Ice with Your Matches:

The first communication with other Principals and Projects you're interested in is always the hardest.  So at KCTFO, we help you get started.  Our guided communication option allows you to participate by following along with a KCTFO Trustee Administrator as chaperone per se, in a small group session and observe how others interact while helping you to build rapport with your compatible matches and break the ice.

Get to Know Your Matches' Giving Interests and Habits:

Understanding yourself as well as your matches' needs is an important key to building a strong relationship.  Part of that is “knowing” what you need in a partner.  We'll help you make a list of priorities that include, "must haves", "can't stands" and a diversity of sliding scale elements to help you stay within the guidelines of your uniquely defined range of “acceptable” to “ideal” circumstances.  For example, is it really important to you that your partner(s) save/invest money wisely, or that they spend money to enjoy life?  And if they do, is credit used, or some other form of payment?  Should they be recycling plastic?  Are they neat and tidy?  Should all their employees receive at least a living wage?  Are they one way in public and altogether different in private?  Is their spouse supportive and informed?  Should someone already be “giving back” to their community?  We'll prompt you to ask some very important questions, and share those with your match to see if your lists line up against your assumptions.  How important is it to you to be equally yoked for today, and what about five or ten years from now?  Do you know the right questions to ask?  You might just find out it’s you who needs to change and learn a few new tricks.

Be Real with Your Matches:

Some questions can be difficult to ask a potential partner, but these questions are often the most important.  Guided communication allows you to get to know other matches, before you make the leap.  And you'll be glad you found out up front, before you're emotionally invested.  “Angels” in the realm of early stage investing, for example, have the most to learn in this aspect, as statistically, they are the worst when it comes to the metric of financial ROI (return on investment).  The guided communication process helps you write and exchange questions that explore issues people often overlook until late in their personal and professional relationship development process.

Transparent, Open Communication:

When you complete your 13 Degrees of Compatibility personal profile, KCTFO provides guided communication steps with your matches to help you move into our KCTFO Social Enterprise Community, the SECom Exchange … our open forum and message exchange platform, albeit in a safe, relaxed, private setting.  Of course, if guided communication is not of interest, you can by all means jump straight in to get started communicating with your matches.


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