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13 Dimensions of Compatibility and the KCT iMap Alignment Solution

1. Start... More Personal Than Personal 

Before iMap aligns you with highly compatible opportunities, we first need to learn more about YOU. Our 13 Dimensions of Compatibility allows us to get to know YOU on a much deeper level than most people know about their spouse or themselves. But more importantly, YOU learn more about YOU and how that is designed to work with others different than yourself. The personal profiling is comprehensive, challenging, and at times quite revealing. While often fun to complete, sometimes we also discover some do not want the responsibility and accountability that comes with truth. Sometimes we find forgiveness is necessary, perhaps healing needs to occur, or some other spiritual inhibitor needs to be addressed. Nevertheless, it is a key component in the KCT Kingdom Ambassador Blueprint, and among several key differentiating factors of KCTFO from other related service providers. 

2. About YOU... Get Your Personal Profile

After completing the 13 Dimensions of Compatibility, you will discover your in-depth Personal Profile Inventory.  Such a profile is uniquely crafted just for you offering insights and alternative perspectives into who you are and how others perceive you as well as what your needs are in relationship to others and/or opportunities that align with the deepest desires of your heart.  This personal portfolio and investment policy is what we refer to as stewarding one’s T5 profile (Time, Talent, Treasure, Temple, and Touch).  It in and of itself, can be a valuable tool to you in your quest to better align yourself with deeply satisfying relationships.  The more you know about yourself and the motives behind your personal investment process, the better you will manage (steward) your personal T5 portfolio, the better you will know what you have to offer others, as well as what you need from potential relationships.  The giver and the receiver both need each other equally despite the greater blessing that comes from giving.

3. Finding Matches... Compatible Relationships for YOU

Next, iMap searches from among many relationships and opportunities to identify others highly compatible with you.  Unlike other subscription services or rating agencies, KCTFO carefully prescreens each prospect to ensure compliance on the 13 Dimensions of Compatibility to maintain a safe environment for the global community for KCT Family Members and relationship significance and success.  This is the KCTFO difference.  In a multitude of counselors, there is safety from a divine perspective … it is not to be perverted for the personal pursuit of earthly desires, power, fame or fortune.

4. Join Us... Consider Your Opportunity

KCTFO offers compatible opportunities on a regular basis.  The more you see.  The more you SEE.  Generally speaking, the more you have to share, the more you SEE.  Once aligned, it’s up to you to review your list of prospective opportunities.  If those profiles on any given day do not appeal to you, our cloud-based platform will keep you up to date and in the loop on most mobile devices.  Or, simply return to your virtual office dashboard with your next visit to see if new opportunities exist in your queue.  When you are ready to begin communication with your compatible profiles, YOU choose the most appropriate annual KCTFO Relationship Supplement plan(s) that best works for you and get started.

5. Communicate... Meet Your Compatible Matches (online or off)

KCTFO measure several levels of relational compatibility using the three key vital attributes critical for partnership success.  However, only YOU can determine if there's chemistry between you and your prospective match.  The way to do this is through communication and participation.  Anything less is just an acquaintance (i.e. and we are definitely not Facebook).  Using the cloud-based KCTFO Social Exchange platform, we encourage you to get to know your matches at your own pace.  We offer guided communication options to help you “break the ice” and allow you to get to know your matches before meeting them in person.  Or if you prefer, you can try our cloud-based KCTFO Social Enterprise Community (SECom) e-mail option and go straight to communicating freely with other matches at your leisure.

6. Start Living... Get Connected for all the Right Reasons

 You deserve to experience the joy and excitement of coming into alignment with someone with whom you share true compatibility.  Why not get moving today to start the journey toward finding those special relationships and opportunities that make your heart sing.  Finding great relationships doesn't have to take a lifetime or feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack.  Complete the 13 Dimensions of Compatibility and your Personal Profile Inventory and start living your life on purpose.

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